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Thursday, May 13, 2004


I've created this blog as another means to keep in touch with friends and family while abroad. I hope to be able to post and receive comments while away whenever I can access the internet.

While many places all around the world do have internet access readily available these days, it is by no means universal and oftentimes the connections are quite slow. So, while I expect to post quite regularly, if some time passes without a post, please do not get alarmed as I have probably just happened to have stumbled across one of the few places left without a reliable internet connection.

Please take a look around--I hope to post relevant links but for the meantime there is just some standard ones to sites I look at quite frequently. I expect to be able to change the weather link on the right hand side of the screen, but if it proves to be be either too difficult or there are not places close enough to my actual location I may just remove it. The seasame street terror alert is, of course, a twist on the colour coded system implemented by the department of homeland security.

Further down the right-hand side I hope to put links to photo albums. In the meantime I have put just one link, to some photos from my trip last summer. I expect to add more albums while away.