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Monday, June 14, 2004

Back in Kurdistan!

...Iranian Kurdistan that is, in a city called Sanandaj.

I was pleased to leave Tehran for Hamadan last Friday morning. I noticed quie a difference when climbing stairs once I got to Hamadan -- the air is quite polluted in Tehran but hadn't really been too bothered by it while there.

Hamadan was largely disappointing. There is a monument to Ibn Sina (Avicenna) who I learned to despise thanks to a course I took this past semester. From Hamadan I moved on to Kermanshah, further to the West. On the road to Kermanshah the signs begin marking the distance to Karbala, but thankfully given the situation there at the moment, the sign just outside of Kermanshah said Karbala was another 500km away.

Kermanshah has a significant Kurdish population and on the way there from Hamadan the traditional dress of the men and women became more and more visible.

I've now come up to Sanandaj, north of Kermanshah. This city is almost completely Kurdish and quite obviously so when one walks through the streets. All the shopkeepers I've dealt with do are quite surprised when I thank them in Kurdish.

There should be some photos posted below. I tried to get more up but for some reason, internet explorer keeps on crashing on me. Damn PCs.