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Monday, June 21, 2004

I swear I'm leaving Esfahan...I swear!

I've delayed departure from Esfahan. This sounds a lot like two years ago when I spent something like a week here.

I heard several days ago from a guy I first emt two years ago, Babek, that the water pipe is going to be banned here in Iran. The BBC reported on it yeterday. It seems like it is part of a wider campaign to take liberties away from the people that they have enjoyed recently since some reforms were brought in while also clamping down on some long-standing practices. I'm told it may all be linked to the coming one-year anniversary of the last serious riots at Tehran University, and the police are seeking a firm hand in order to keep any dissent from rising to the surface. The anniversary is in about two weeks time, but I will have left Iran by then.

I've got a train ticket booked for tonight to go back to Tehran. Hopefully I'll be able to post more and get some more pictures up once I'm there. Provided I can get them up, you'll see why I spent longer here than planned.